Obama Defends Invocation by Conservative Pastor


Article here.

I’m confused.

When Obama chooses a course of action that is in line with his followers’ beliefs, it’s called “embracing diversity.”

But when Obama chooses a course of action that is contrary to his followers’ beliefs, it’s called “a genuine blow.”

Isn’t that what defines diversity? A willingness to accept or, at least, not discriminate against someone or something—a viewpoint, perhaps?

Thought so.

I think Obama’s supporters are going to have to get used to the fact that they did not elect a leader. No, the GBLT community elected a self-serving follower, someone who will shift and bend with the winds of popular opinion. They should expect change—it was Obama’s entire platform, for goodness’ sake!—even if it’s not in line with their minority views.

And given that Proposition 8 passed in the most liberal state in the Union, it’s entirely likely that the GBLT community will get nothing but lip service throughout Obama’s presidency.

[via blonde sagacity]

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