Long Or Short Capital and blonde sagacity Have it Right


From Long or Short Capital:

Corporate Speak: “I am qualified to be Senator of New York.” -Caroline Kennedy

Translation: My qualifications for this position include a fancy last name, not holding a full-time job, not holding any political office, and writing books for children. I am definitely not qualified to be Senator of New York.

And from blonde sagacity:

Funny how the Caroline Kennedy story keeps following the Rod Blagojevich story and I haven’t heard one reporter comment that they’re basically THE SAME story.

Blagojevich was trying to sell Barack’s Senate seat for money and favors on the down low and David Paterson gets to do it under the spotlights.

Caroline has worked to keep herself from public life and her only experience is endorsing Obama. So, much like [the] Illinois governor, it seems the governor of New York will make the determination based on money and favors…

How true. Both of ya’.

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