Link TV: Who are these idiots? (Community organizers. That's who!)


I was flipping channels and saw something called “Link TV,” a whole channel which was apparently in the process of fundraising because, as it claimed, it is viewer-supported TV.

Nobrain and Numbnuts were on and, since they were wearing Link TV T-shirts, I assume they are somehow associated with LinkTV. They were being interviewed by Talkingheadinasuit who was throwing them softballs.

Nobrain declared that “You could be in the military and learn stuff, like throwing grenades and shooting things, but that’s not a job with real-world skills.” Numbnuts then said something about a group of kids who had “started a document, a manifesto,” and I had to change channels. (Red Dawn on MGM, if you must know. How fitting.)

I wish I could have told them that I went to school to learn how to be an electrical engineer, that I did learn how to be an electrical engineer. That the United States Air Force paid me to do so. That the USAF then hired me to work for them. That I did nothing in the USAF that didn’t help me in my current job as an electrical engineer. That in my training, I learned exactly nothing about grenades, though I did learn how to shoot a 0.38 special (how’s that for firepower?!). And that my job when I graduated was, strangely enough, a job in the “real world.” My boss just happened to be the USAF.

What Nobrain doesn’t realize, of course, is that there’s a lot more to being in the military than shooting guns and throwing grenades. Somebody has to lead, nay, manage these gunslingers and grenade-hurlers, for one. And then there are a bunch of people who have to support those people on the front line, and those jobs require specific, skilled knowledge with real-world applicability. Furthermore, these support personnel require leaders, er, managers, too, who have also done those real-world jobs in the very-real military.

I maintain that if these military jobs aren’t real-world jobs, providing real-world experience (and from which you can retire with real-world retirement benefits), then there is no way in hell that Nobrain and Numbnuts could convince me that a community organizing, lawyering lecturer can possibly have the right stuff, the experience, to be the leader of the free world.

So McCain’s not your cup of tea? At least he has done something. And, for those of you who don’t think the military is the “real world,” remember that people in the military are fighting, bleeding, and providing deterrence in their “pretend” world to protect your very-real butts.

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