Conservatives are... Conservative


After reading the liberal-leaning, Obama-lovin’ status updates and posts of a bunch of my liberal friends on FaceBook, I realized that I wasn’t reading any comments—none—from right-leaning, McCain-friendly conservatives.

I pondered this for many moons. And last night, I finally understood why there aren’t any conservatives ranting about McCain this or Obama that:

It’s because we’re conservative.


Where are the right-wing loudmouths? You wanna’ talk about the definition of oxymoron

In general (with exceptions, of course), it’s because we’re naturally disinclined to share our opinion. We keep our values and opinions close to the chest because we’re (get this, now) conservative. And that’s why Tom Cruise and Madonna and their ilk suck up the headlines. It’s because there’s no competition!

Not that they’d get any headlines even if there were…

I just hope all these silent majority show up at the polls this November.

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