A Prayer for the Bizilj Family


Last night, during prayer time, I did my best to explain to W. and O. that sometimes we just don’t know why bad things happen, but that we know and must have faith that God is using the bad things to do something good. We may never know what that something is, but we know, because the Bible tells us, that He’s up to something good, even when it’s a bad thing that’s involved.

I had a hard time holding back the tears as I explained. Rather, I failed miserably. The sadness I felt for the Biziljs is heart-wrenching.

But I’m not the only one. O. said to me, “Dad, if you hear me crying, don’t worry.”

God, please comfort the Biziljs. Grant them peace. Cry with them, support them, love them. And, if at all possible, bless them with understanding.

In Christ’s name I pray,


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