Biden's an OWG, Palin's not


Sarah Palin will face a pretty tough opponent in tomorrow’s Veep Debate. Biden is pretty good with the rhetoric, thinks fast on his feet, and will run over her if she’s not careful.

So how should she approach this monumentally-difficult task?

First, and foremost, she should deflate his sails however possible. Right up front, she should admit to her inexperience in international affairs and do her best to show that she, though a tough “hockey mom,” is also a fallible human being, that she’s not perfect. Biden won’t be able to use those points against her then.

Second, she’ll have to do a great job of differentiating herself from the old white guys (OWGs) in Washington without alienating the people who are relying on the fact that McCain is indeed an OWG.

Third, she’ll have to defend herself against the one-heartbeat-away argument by emphasizing that she is a leader, not a follower as many in government are (and which Obama aspires to be).

Finally, obviously, she can’t promote herself as anything similar to Obama; portraying herself with “young is better than old” would only serve to promote Obama’s position. And she should stick to her guns. If indeed she adheres to creationist doctrine, she shouldn’t waffle if questioned. If she thought the “bridge to nowhere” was a good idea at one point until she changed her mind, she should emphasize that she isn’t so dogmatic in views that she can’t be swayed by logic and reason. The McCain-Palin camp would be wise to have worked each of these attacks into Republican-winning, undecided-swaying rhetoric which—and this is important—she really believes.

It’s going to be tough, but, hey, if Obama can make it on looks and youth, his primary strengths, then Palin should be able to kick his butt, even though she’s playing second fiddle to McCain.

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