Go Ahead. Lash Out Against the Bailout. (And then go cry to Uncle Sam when you don't have a job anymore.)

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It’s quite simple:

If the government, like it or hate it, does not prop up Wall Street, we will have an even greater depression. There is no choice.

You will be out of a job, and you will run to Uncle Sam for help.

You will not have health care, and you will run to Uncle Sam for help.

You will not be able to buy food or gas, and you will run to Uncle Sam for help.

You will have lost your life’s savings, and Uncle Sam won’t be able to help. Sorry.

So. Uncle Sam now or Uncle Sam… many, many times over… later.

Besides, we’ve bailed out nearly every other country in the world, some of them a couple of times, with both money and blood and we liked it.

Don’t you think it’s time we cared about ourselves for once?

Your choice.

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JWL said:

Bring on the big scary depression.

We will survive. Like the roach's exoskeleton, our DOD is strong and ready to survive. We just think it cant since we pander to the recruits. Once it becomes a good job to have, the line dancing lessons in the green zone are no longer a budget priority.

I for one would survive. Like cockroaches and those who have a viable skill sets.

Depression is a problem solver of epic proportions.

Slows greenhouse gas emissions. Reduces population strain, narrows down host selection for the thetans , etc, etc, etc bottom line: Its eco friendly.

Plus a little belt tightening would end the obesity problem.

Put a frickn halt to the Real World and all its variants.

(In fact it could cancel all of them: Survivor, The Amazing Race, Real World, Flavor Flav is a Fag, The Bachelor, The Virgin, The man whore, The Metro Femme, Big Brother, et all. As you might surmise, I don't know the titles, just the themes. If you know the titles, you probably have reason to fear the depression.)

Solve the illegal alien problem;

and the related "I cant communicate with my housekeeper/gardener/mason" issues too. I bet the neighbors who need to feed their kids would have no problem speaking English while cleaning the toilets.

Bring it on. Lets do this.

We are becoming weak.

Fix it. How does that go, feed a fever but starve a cold? vise verse? Who the hell cares.

Bring it.

Am being serious. We need to cull the herd.

Go to Nagin's chocolate city for an example. It wasn't the hurricane. It was weak community standards. Lest you think it is race related, think again. Anyone watched MTV Lately? Sure Lil John might be raking in the cash, but its the white kids given it to him. Blame: plenty to go around.

Depression: The ultimate affirmative action. It hurts everyone.

Lets raise the bar and thin the herd. Bring on the depression. My family lived through it. Did well. Others did not. They sucked.

Too bad. Now serve my kid his fries. I am busy reloading.

Country is better off.