Daring Fireball is Daring Bigotry (And John Should be Proud of It, Too)


Google wants California gays to have the right to marry, and John Gruber approves.

But he implies that if someone is anti-gay-marriage, then they’re an “anti-gay bigot.”

No, John, they’re not. They’re anti-gay-marriage bigots. And lumping anti-gay-marriage bigots in with anti-gay bigots is like lumping Windows users in with anti-Mac Windows users. Some Windows users just use Windows. Other Windows users really hate Macs. But they’re not one in the same, so don’t go there.

Of course, if you’re using the word “bigot” in an inflammatory way, as I suspect you are, then recall that by definition you are equally and oppositely a bigot yourself. And you probably should be proud of it, or your values aren’t as deeply-rooted as you pretend.

At any rate, stick to Apple- and tech-related punditry, John. You’re good at it.

The rest of it? Do your Apple-related products and services sponsors a favor and drop it. I usually look at your sponsor announcement and think, “Meh. If they sponsor Daring Fireball, they’re probably happy sponsoring John’s political fantasies, too. Guess I won’t buy one of those.”

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