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Here’s an interesting definition for you from

Investment: In finance, the purchase of a financial product or other item of value with an expectation of favorable future returns. In general terms, investment means the use [of] money in the hope of making more money.

And here’s another definition for you, this time from The Free Dictionary:

gamĀ·ble (gmbl) n. 2. An act or undertaking of uncertain outcome; a risk: I took a gamble that stock prices would rise.

I abridged the definition, and, no, I did not make up that example! And since gamblers count on making more than they lose, I can’t really tell much difference between the two definitions.

To recap:

If you consider yourself an investor and you have money tied up in the stock market, you’re a fool, because expectations don’t generally influence reality.

If you have money tied up in the stock market and you consider yourself to be a gambler, you’re on the right track.

So when your shares in Wachovia took a nosedive today, as mine did (what was worth five figures last month is now worth only a few hundred bucks), consider yourself unlucky today, and better luck next time!

No Country for Old Men


I just finished watching No Country for Old Men.

Three letters and one punctuation mark summarize my opinion:


Article here on (Surprise! Not the Daily Koz!)

And in completely unrelated news,

Scientist Uncovers Miscalculation In Geological Undersea Record.

Huh. Scientists make mistakes (and that includes me, too). Whaddaya’ know.

Funny thing, though:

82% of the population are Christians, meaning that they adhere to beliefs which specify that a man rose from the dead.

One more time for extra-added emphasis:

82% of the population believes that a man rose from the dead.


But then not dead.

And all according to some words written in a book. A very old book. Just words. No proof. No evidence. Just words. Written. Words.

And yet somehow they have a hard time believing that the earth is only 6,000 years old, according to that very same book. And its words.

We ridicule people who believe that the earth is only 6,000 years old. Openly ridicule them. Throw in dinosaurs and you become a laughingstock.

Don’t you think that the God who raised a man from the dead could possibly… just maybe… make the universe? In however long He felt like? And, more to the point, make it look however old He might want it to look?

Just askin’.

Google wants California gays to have the right to marry, and John Gruber approves.

But he implies that if someone is anti-gay-marriage, then they’re an “anti-gay bigot.”

No, John, they’re not. They’re anti-gay-marriage bigots. And lumping anti-gay-marriage bigots in with anti-gay bigots is like lumping Windows users in with anti-Mac Windows users. Some Windows users just use Windows. Other Windows users really hate Macs. But they’re not one in the same, so don’t go there.

Of course, if you’re using the word “bigot” in an inflammatory way, as I suspect you are, then recall that by definition you are equally and oppositely a bigot yourself. And you probably should be proud of it, or your values aren’t as deeply-rooted as you pretend.

At any rate, stick to Apple- and tech-related punditry, John. You’re good at it.

The rest of it? Do your Apple-related products and services sponsors a favor and drop it. I usually look at your sponsor announcement and think, “Meh. If they sponsor Daring Fireball, they’re probably happy sponsoring John’s political fantasies, too. Guess I won’t buy one of those.”

Hyperion Power Generation


Check out Hyperion here.

I’ve said it all along: nuclear’s the way to go.

I still get these.

Somebody must fall for them, or they wouldn’t sill be in circulation.


Ewwww! Just plain frickin' EWWWW!


Article here.

PETA needs to… how can I put it gently?

Oh, screw gently.

PETA needs to check out Ezekiel 8.

When they finally stop worshipping animals, then maybe I’ll have a listen to what they have to say.

Article here.

Great, it’ll replace 2 million barrels of oil and 724,000 tons of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.

But I want to know something that nobody seems to be asking: How much oil and carbon dioxide is it going to take to make the darned thing? The mining process for the raw materials, the production, the shipping, the installation… it all takes oil and makes that awful carbon dioxide stuff. (Shouldn’t we outlaw expiration? That’s a huge source of carbon dioxide.)

There’s a lot of copper in that thing, too. I’m buying copper futures. (Is there such a thing?)

These may be small potatoes compared to what it’s going to replace, but nobody seems to have those numbers.

Just wondering because nobody else seems to be.

Hear Hear!


Today’s XKCD is excellent.

Hear hear!

(Weak pun intended.)

What Time is It, Anyway?


With three clocks on the homescreen of the iPhone, one might be forgiven for getting the time wrong.


(Dad pointed this out to me. I can’t take credit for this one.)

It’s quite simple:

If the government, like it or hate it, does not prop up Wall Street, we will have an even greater depression. There is no choice.

You will be out of a job, and you will run to Uncle Sam for help.

You will not have health care, and you will run to Uncle Sam for help.

You will not be able to buy food or gas, and you will run to Uncle Sam for help.

You will have lost your life’s savings, and Uncle Sam won’t be able to help. Sorry.

So. Uncle Sam now or Uncle Sam… many, many times over… later.

Besides, we’ve bailed out nearly every other country in the world, some of them a couple of times, with both money and blood and we liked it.

Don’t you think it’s time we cared about ourselves for once?

Your choice.

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Article here.

To quote:

Oil prices surged more than $25 a barrel on Monday as investors sought a refuge from an uncertain and volatile market amid concern about the government’s plan to bailout the financial system.

Can anybody tell me why oil, of all things, is a refuge from an uncertain and volatile market?! That’s like moving to California to get away from fruits and nuts. Or moving to Connecticut to get away from liberals. Or… you get the idea.

For that matter, just why the hell are oil prices jumping because of a completely unrelated market’s volatility? Neither oil supply nor oil demand changed overnight, and yet “investors” (read “gamblers” and “speculators”) are screwing up our oil and gas bills.

In summary:

The oil market is broken.

(And I can’t believe I’m saying this:)

Congress, fix it.

If you commented out “/private/var/spool” in StdExclusions.plist in your 10.5.4 Server installation and installed 10.5.5 tonight, you’ll need to go comment it out again, or your Time Machine backup will not include your IMAP users’ E-mail store (see my previous post on this subject).

The file I refer to is


and under “ContentsExcluded” is


the default location for the mail store. But strangely enough “/var/imap” (the default location for the database) is not excluded.

C’mon, Apple, get it together.

MacOS X Server Update 10.5.5 installs PHP 5.2.6 over your custom installation.

See this article for my previous coverage of ways to avoid this problem. If you followed these instructions previously, all you’ll have to do is

% cd php-5.2.6
% sudo make install

It’ll reinstall your previously-compiled custom version.

Note to Apple: This is getting tiresome. Can you please mention that you’re screwing around with PHP in your release notes? Especially since this is one are of MacOS X Server that you should know users are going to have to customize?

And, oh, by the way, the possibly-detailed release notes page referenced in the above link is broken (as of right now, anyway).

iPhone 2.1 Update and App Installs


Apple listened.

And they responded, too.

And that is, again, why I think the iPhone is a better phone than any other.

In v2.1 of the software, out today, they fixed a problem with installing applications. Now, when you update or install an application, it installs itself into the first empty slot—not necessarily on the front page of apps, mind you—and then, if you’re updating the app, it moves back to where it was in the first place.


And in other news, the 3G icon isn’t in a square anymore , though the Edge “E” still is.

Interesting. Wonder what prompted that?


3M is happy.

And I’m smiling, too.

Article here.

They attempt an absurd reductio ad absurdum argument which doesn’t hold water, that if they are required to have an investigator’s license to record publicly-available information, then Google and any other search engine would need one, too.

The problem is that Google isn’t being called to testify in a trial, nor is Google selling its services for use in a trial.

OPEC Hearts Money (Duh)


Article here.

When oil was $30 a barrel, OPEC wasn’t cutting production to raise prices.

When oil was $50 a barrel, OPEC wasn’t cutting production to raise prices.

When oil was $100 a barrel, OPEC wasn’t cutting production to raise prices.

When oil was $150 a barrel, OPEC wasn’t cutting production to raise prices.

And, in fact, they didn’t raise production to lower prices, either.

But now that they have massive building projects and extravagant lifestyles to fund and maintain, I’m guessing that they have a choice: artificially inflate prices or leave production alone and risk having to get a job.

It probably doesn’t help that we as a country seem pretty interested in removing them entirely from our economy. Guess they’d better get their money while they can.