The Sony ICF-C1iPMK2: A Brief Review


Display: Too bright. Lit up the room even on its lowest setting.

Alarms: OK, but no gradual alarm makes for violent awakenings.

Sound: Good, but I wasn’t looking for hi-fi to fall asleep to.

iPod functionality: Seems to.

Remote: Not evaluated. (Did I mention that this thing was right next to my head?)

Noise: 3G, none. Edge, some, but you have to crank it waaaay beyond using-it-as-a-clock-radio level to hear it.

Controls: Form won over function. And the jump between volume of 4 and 5 was too big, so I never found a happy median.

Price: OK, $70 at BJ’s.

Product: Returned. My old clock radio is better, even without the iPhone dock.

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