t r u t h o u t | Joe Biden: John McCain is More of the Same


And I’m glad for it, too. I want someone who will stand up for what he believes in.

Article here.

A direct quote of Joe Biden’s acceptance speech:

“[McCain] voted 19 times against raising the minimum wage+. For people who are struggling just to get to the next day, that’s not change; that’s more of the same.”

What Biden is saying is that John McCain stuck to his beliefs and that’s bad. Instead of sticking up for what they believe in, it’s clear that Joe and Barack will govern according to popular opinion, consequences be damned. That is called following. If you want followers, vote for Obama and Biden. But I, for one, want a leader and do not want someone in the White House whose decisions change with the tide, latest health-food craze, or who’s most popular on “American Idol.”

Change? If it’s change for the good, then, change is good. But change for the sake of change is the kind of policy that will accelerate the demise of our nation.

+Yes, McCain voted against bills which included, among other things which also may have been objectionable to him and his constituency, raising minimum wage. But he also voted for raising the minimum wage on at least one occasion. See this article. Funny how people tend to take a vote against a multi-faceted bill as a vote against each item in isolation when it suits their purposes.

For that matter, Biden voted against minimum wage increases on at least one occasion, too. And to think they’re selling change to the American people when it’s just more of the same after all. Sigh.

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