It will be a tough act to follow - The Boston Globe


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So I wonder, if it’s going to be such a tough act to follow (and it is), why bother?

There’s really no need to spend forty billion dollars on an Olympics games, is there? If it’s really all about the spirit of competition, the athleticism, the mad skillz that these athletes have, then, by God, let’s showcase them and not the event.

London should go retro and simplify, simplify, simplify. And they should do it in a classy, British sort of way. They shouldn’t even try to compete with China. Instead, they should strive to provide an environment in which we can be revel in the athletes and the competition, without focusing on the government or the host nation or even, for that matter, the spectacle.

We don’t even need the technological doping of super facilities. Give ‘em a dirt track and let the athletes be the stars.

London, KISS, please.

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