Something else for Apple to fix


I love MacOS X.

Except when I don’t.

Like when I’m looking at the disks on my MacOS X Server 10.5.4 machine and see this:


Though it’s nice to know how big the drive is, the more important question is How much space is left? And most of that info has been obliterated in favor of ellipses.

I’ve seen it done before, though I don’t know where, where two lines are used to show enough information about an item.

But now, when I went to look at the desktop, this is what I saw:


Did I do something?! What happened here?


Oh, wait, I see it now. Previously the second number, the free space, was five digits (and a radix). Now it’s only four, so it fits.

Rounding. Truncating. Something-ing. Anyway, Finder should not display the most useless part of the number (the digits after the radix) in favor of ellipses when rounding a bit would make it fit.

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