Holy *!&#.


And here, folks, I actually dropped the F-bomb.

OK, I’ll spare you the boring details on why and how I have an iPhone. I’m sure there are lots of other entertaining blogs out there which are relating their iPhone purchase experiences of today in gory, much more entertaining detail than I could possibly provide. Instead, I’m going to tell you my “Holy *!&#” moment. jottapp.jpg I downloaded several free apps. One of them is the Jott app from Jott which installed seamlessly and quickly. I haven’t mentioned Jott before because I am, quite frankly, afraid of black magic, and that’s how Jott works. Or at least that’s the best guess I have, anyway.

I tapped the icon and it presented me with a very simple recording deck-like interface, pictured over there. There are lists of various types to look at. Once I logged in to my Jott account, they were populated with my notes and to-do’s and that kind of stuff.

But I didn’t really know what to do with the app. So I just did what it said. I tapped the screen anywhere, said “Make a Jott list,” and tapped again. I thought nothing more of it, and nothing more came of it. I didn’t get any notification. I didn’t hear any beeps. I didn’t get any idea that it had a clue what I’d just done. But it dutifully did something with it, but didn’t tell me what it was up to.

I was just playing with my iPhone again a couple of hours later and I looked in my Jott notes.

Holy *!&#.

There it is. “Make a Jott list.” Plain as day.

How did it get there? I have no idea.

PFM, I say. PFM.

(Have an iPhone 2.0? Go get Jott. And get a Jott account. It’s free, and it’s absolutely incredibly useful.)

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