Facebook: Topps Trading Cards for 2008


Facebook is addictive, some would say, like crack is supposed to be addictive, a one-hit addiction. Kinda’ like that first Britney Spears (yes, I listen to bubblegum pop, too) song you heard. It kept bouncing around in your head in spite of your best efforts to clear it out.

But what’s it really more like? I think it’s really more like collecting trading cards—baseball cards for the rest of us. I mean, it’s really cool that I’ve now “connected with” a bunch of friends that I knew from when I was (and still am?) growing up. I don’t correspond with them all—few of them, in fact. That would be like trying to have about a hundred conversations simultaneously, that that just ain’t gonna’ happen.

So I continue to look for people I knew once upon a time and try to reconnect, even if it’s just minimally, with them. It reaffirms my roots. It reminds me of where I came from. And it is supremely awesome to see what these people are up to in their current lives.

The world is full of cool people. And I am pleased to say that I know some of ‘em.

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