Only at a college...


Seen recently by my dad at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology:


(Thanks, Dad!)

Hi, WallStreetFighter visitors! How cool, and thanks, WSF folks! Feel free to read some other entries. Dunno’ if you’ll find them funny or even interesting, but feel free to add my blog to your reader. It’s a low-volume (only a few times per week), low-quantity (only a few words, usually), and sometimes even low-quality (you be the judge) blog.

Hi, mental_flossers! Good grief! Two mentions in one week! (Thanks, Allison and Jason, whichever Jason you might be… sorry!) I’m really glad, actually, because I think this picture is funny as heck and I’m glad more folks are getting to enjoy it. Stick around and enjoy some other stuff.

Now if I could only figure out how I’ll support this blogging habit….

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