American Airlines to charge passengers for all checked bags - San Jose Mercury News


Article here.

Another take:

American Airlines takes first step towards ensuring that nobody, but nobody, wants to use their airline. $15 isn’t a lot to ask. What is a lot to ask is for passengers to deal with substantially longer and more frustrating boarding times and processes as everybody tries to stuff their overloaded rollons into the overhead bins leaving no room for anybody else. And since American flies MD80 and similar airplanes, they just aren’t designed to handle the huge number of carryons that will be brought on board.

And then what happens when someone brings one on board that just won’t fit (even though it’s the RightSize)? Will American charge $15 on the spot? Or not and royally tick off those who paid $15 for their bag?


American Airlines, that’s the sound of the death knell tolling for thee.

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