ABC News: Madams Fall While Their Johns Prosper


Article here.

Another take:

I’m confused.

Madams are the dealers. Selling sex is illegal.

Johns are the users. Purchasing sex is illegal.

Possession with the intent to distribute carries a much stiffer (ahem) penalty than mere use, in accordance with society’s wishes.

So why is it that we’re somehow shocked that people who are arrested are embarrassed, as if they were too good to be caught? Or that users, who commit a lesser crime, are more likely to face a lesser penalty than the dealers, who commit a more serious crime?

These people’s lives weren’t destroyed by some nameless, faceless societal prosecution, nor did the prosecutions cause the death of two criminals. No, these people destroyed their own lives. The prosecution merely implemented the penalties which the government and community have already decided carries out the ultimate goal.

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