Unconventional Thinking


If I were John McCain, right about now I’d be thinking along these lines:

How much is it worth to me to have a Republican National Convention?

The Democrats are going to blow a lot of money on their convention, but they have to have a final showdown, apparently.

On the other hand, I’m the frontrunner… nah, I may as well go ahead and say it… I’m the Republican nominee for President. Why do I need a convention?

What if I said, Aw, screw it, let’s give the money to a worthwhile cause, like housing, homelessness, education… education! There’s a good one!

Now how much is that worth in good publicity? Can I have a “virtual convention” somehow? Use the Intertubes to save the party—and the country—some significant bucks?

Or maybe that’s not what I’d be thinking if I were John McCain. But you never know.

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