Clinton Calls Shuster Comment Part of 'Troubling Pattern'

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Article here.

Translation: It’s not called “pimping” when Hillary put Chelsea out on the campaign trail if nobody pays her.


anxious08 said:

I really like David Shuster - he seems to understand politics. He got caught up in the moment of dogging the Clintons which was completely out of line. I have watched MSNBC since 9/11. They have been giving the most airtime to Obama. I have emailed MSNBC regarding the unfairness. Sen. Clinton cannot attack Obama because they would make her a racist. Talk about using the race card - Obama has played it from the beginning. Anything positive Sen. Clinton does isn't even recognized - like her speech tonight in Virginia - She had an outstanding speech. Obama comes out- walking through the people - gag - bragging about his wins - playing the crowd. MSNBC Nora Odonnell cannot stand Hillary either. He sweeps the states over and over she repeated. What if the super delegates vote for Hillary? Get everybody fired up. We have no choice to watch MSNBC the other news channels are ridiculous. I still like the station except for the treatment of the Clintons. What are Obama's positions? His wife couldn't even say that she would vote for Hillary. Play the race card. Look at it people. Am I the only one who sees it? Is he going to raly the people in deciding to push the red button? Get real. The republicans will eat him up. Go Hillary!!! Dan Abrams has stood up for her lately. Probably because of all the emails they have received regarding the negativity toward the Clinton's.