Where Are All the Conservative Diggers?

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There are two pretty-good websites devoted to spreading the word of what’s popular on the web. Digg and Reddit both allow their registered users to submit webpages on which other registered users vote. As users declare the site to be popular, it moves up the list of sites displayed by these two sites. And, of course, users can also declare the site to be unpopular, which has the effect of moving the site down the list.

So far, so good.

But I’ve noticed that the pages which are most popular are those that cover one of several topics:

  • how (insert derogatory adjective here) President Bush/Vice-President Cheney/(insert other government official here) is,
  • how some Congressman is pushing for impeachment of (insert government official here),
  • how Ron Paul isn’t getting a fair shake,
  • how stupid Mike Huckabee and other creationists are, and
  • how Fox News is a pawn of the GOP.

Very, very rarely does a page “make it” to the top on Digg or Reddit which could be considered to be biased towards a conservative viewpoint, and even then, they’re usually not brought to the top because of their conservative viewpoint but because of another liberal agenda.

So, my question remains: Where are all the conservative Diggers? There are obviously a lot of liberal, or pacifist, or something, Diggers.

Are there other conclusions that we can draw from this? Is the web primarily occupied by liberal viewers? Or are conservative web users much less vocal about their views? Or, because it’s a conservative administration, will we see a shift in the popular pages when Obama/Hillary wins?

Just wonderin’. Don’t have any other thoughts beyond that.