Where Are All the Christians?


I continue to see websites (blog entries, news items, etc.) on Digg which make me wonder, Where are all the Christians?

I got to digging around in the 2004 census data (an interesting read, by the way) and discovered that about 75% of adults in this country are self-described Christians (Item #67).

So when I see Digg link after link after link after link… you get the point… about Mike Huckabee, who is standing firmly on his belief in a benevolent God who created the world in seven literal days and sacrificed His own Son to save us from ourselves (loose interpretation), I have to wonder, where are all these supposed Christians? Why aren’t there any articles getting “Dugg up” about how there’s a presidential candidate who is standing up for the beliefs of the vast majority of Americans?

Are you one of the silent majority? Have you read the Big Instruction Book (you know the one) and thought, I wish someone would stand up for what’s in here? And even if you disagree with Huckabee in some area (evolution/creation, for example), can you find enough that is right with him that you could defend him to the loud, vocal minority?

Your political affiliation doesn’t matter here: whether you align yourself with Democrats or Republicans or something else, this isn’t about how you’ll vote this coming November. Rather, this is about one of many candidates who is very forthcoming regarding his faith and religion. And it’s time for you, silent majority, to stand up and ask the other candidates the tough question: What are they doing to represent the vast majority of their fellow countrymen, that 75% of our country who believe in God and His Son, who aren’t offended by prayers at public events, who enjoy seeing nativities at Christmas, and who wish everybody a “merry Christmas?”

I’ll bet that their carefully-crafted-so-as-not-to-offend answer boils down to one word: Nothing.

In a country that professed from its very inception to be one nation under God—and not just God, but Jesus Himself!— it’s time to stand up for what you believe, to become vocal, to shout it from the rooftops, We are Americans, and we believe in God!

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