One Foot in the Grave...

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So the Lovely and Talented Wife (tip of the hat to and blatant rip-off of tells me the following story:

O. was in a public bathroom (the one at the church) as T. had taken him there. He had to poop, so had plenty of time to notice his surroundings.

“Mom, what’s that bar for?” he asked, referring to the handrail on the wall.

“That’s for old people who might need it to help them get up and down off the toilet,” T. replied.

Think. Think. Think.

“So, Dad will be needing that pretty soon, huh?”

One foot in the grave. One foot already in the grave.


dave said:

bill - thanks for the laugh on this post. I rarely laugh out loud when surfing, but man that was great. I found your site through WSF today and just explored your other posts. Thanks for the Laugh. Priceless.

Bill Eccles said:

Hey, Dave,

Yeah, that's one of my favorites. I can still read it and get a chuckle out of it. You know as well as I do (I saw from your website that you have a some of these miniature humans yourself) that kids say the darndest things.

It's just that remembering them thangs is tough.

You're welcome. Drop by again anytime.