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*It’s password protected and/or hidden because I was disgusted by the searches that Google was getting that resulted in my kids’ pictures. Eww! Icky people!

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Bill’s Grammatically Correct Homepage

Actually, I’m not sure that this page is, in reality, grammatically correct. However, noting that the world seems to be hung up on some form of correctness, I chose one of our favorites, grammatical correctness. "P.C.," after all, doesn't seem to have any definite rules, rhyme, or reason. Grammar, on the other hand, has rules. Grammar has structure. Rarely is grammar the subject of heated debate within the halls of Congress. (No, you're thinking of "semantics." We don't have a semantics page yet....) Hence, I chose "G.C."

In the coming months, I’ll add the odds and ends to this "G.C." page that I feel the world should be able to see collected in a single place. I'll probably put my biography on here as well as other personal tidbits that could help others like me find me. Nah, not really. That would just open me up to identity theft. The Internet should be, in our opinion, a friendly neighborhood, but for the most part, it isn’t.

I'll also add the occasional essay. I find myself driving down the road on the way to or from work listening to NPR and agreeing or disagreeing with the news and opinions expressed thereon. Lacking a public mass-media forum such as my own radio station, I shall instead publish here on the World Wide Web. The Web, too, should be like a neighborhood, and good neighbors talk, discuss, and even disagree occasionally.

So welcome to my homepage. I'll see you over the back fence some time.

Just for grins, I had Google translate this page into Spanish and then back into English. Not bad for a machine, and definitely better than my non-existent Spanish skills!

“Really, I am not safe that this page is, in the reality, grammar correct. Nevertheless, observing which the world looks like to be hung for above in a certain form of correction, I chose to one of ours favorites, grammar correction. “P.C.,” after all, does not look like to have no rules, rima, or defined reason. The grammar, on the other hand, has rules. The grammar has structure. The subject of the discussion warmed up within the corridors is rarely the grammar of Congress. (No, you are thinking about the “semantics.” We do not have a page of the semantics yet….) Therefore, I chose of “G.C. “

In the months that come, I will add the probabilities and end a this page of “G.C.” that I feel the world they must be able to consider gathered in a single place. I will put probably my biography in here as well as personal others tidbits that could help to others like me a to find me. Nah, not really. That finishes opening to me until theft of identity. The Internet must be, in our opinion, to friendly vicinity, but for most, it is not.

Also I will add the occasional test. To find same me me that it lead under the way in the way to or from the work that listened to NPR and that agreed or that differed with the news and the opinions I expressed on that. Lacking a public forum the mass-means as my own radio station, instead of another one I will publish here in the World Wide Web. The Web, also, it must be like a vicinity, and the good ones neighbors speak, they discuss, and they even differ from time to time.

So reception to my homepage. I will see you close on back a certain hour.”